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Extended Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P)

The Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P) provides academic support and enrichment opportunities in the forms of our after-school CLUBS for our TK – 8th grade students.
Clubs are no-cost and operate until at least 6:00 pm every regular school day. Clubs will also be made available during intersessions breaks (Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer) and some Saturdays. Students are able to join a variety of afterschool clubs and are encouraged to attend daily. The descriptions below have been provided by the club advisors. Days and times vary. 
Please use the application below or this google form to enroll your student for the 2023-2024 school year.
Girl Talk
Spanish Club
Little Picassos
A club for girls to discuss friendship dynamics and problem solving skills. Girl Talk is a club for any girl who would like to join together to talk about school, family, friends, and the future. We will be examining positive behavior, relationships, making goals for the future, and forming a sense of community (instead of rivalry or bullying) between girls in this club."
Students will be learning the basics of the Spanish language and growing their confidence to be able to speak their new learned language outside of school and have the ability to communicate with Spanish speaking family members or fellow classmates. We use workbooks, reading books, learning activities, and Spanish board games to encourage a fun learning environment. As the school year goes by, our goal is for students to learn more than just the basics of Spanish and to help encourage other students to learn a second language as well.
This class is for any student that is curious about developing their artistic side. Our goal is to create a space where students can be free to express themselves through art. Showing them along the way famous painters and their techniques. It is important for children to have fun and let them discover what painting is all about naturally.
Nature Club
Science Club
In DesignByYou, we focus on DIY (do it yourself) projects. It can be anywhere from crafts, cooking, to home economics. And most importantly having fun and making cool things!
Nature Club provides a blend of arts and crafts with knowledge on all things nature. Your child should get at least one new fact about the topic of the day ending with a few fun animal yoga poses!
Science Club is an opportunity for children’s interest and passion for the scientific world to expand. Students are educated about the components and underline explanations to intriguing science experiments and activities. Here we challenge them, strengthen their knowledge and provide hands- on activities to achieve this goal, all while having fun!
Painting Club
Garden Club
Just Craftin' Around
In the Painting Club, students not only get to physically express their creativity and imagination but also learn about the history of art. Students are shown different painting techniques, taught about art history and color theory to help them with creating something unique. This club is meant to help nourish and deepen their enthusiasm for art in ways that had never been seen before.
Garden Club is designed to educate as well as bring delight to gardening and horticulture with projects kids start themselves. They will learn when and what to plant, how to propagate, and about companion planting just to name a few. In addition to gardening we will be doing nature-based arts and craft projects while maintaining the garden.
Just Craftin’ Around is an arts and crafts club that is welcoming to all students. The purpose of this club is to encourage creative expression, create artwork, and allow students to discover new crafts and bring students together. This club will provide lots of benefits for students that are both long term and short term. From developing problem solving skills to improving mental health, teamwork and communication skills. Just Craftin’ Around will allow students to be creative, imaginative, and allow for self expression.
Sports Club
Book Club
Disney & Me
Sports Club is a club where you’ll get to learn and play a wide variety of sports like boxing, soccer, football, basketball, and many more! We'll also focus on fitness and coordination activities that will help you stay active and healthy. We'll do agility drills, relay races, and even some fun obstacle courses that will challenge both your body and your mind. Sports club is also about teamwork, respect, and growing together. Whether you're a sports superstar or a beginner, we're here to help you learn and have fun every step of the way!
Book Club is a safe space for all kids. In this engaging club, young readers come together to explore books as a group. We dive into the world of literature through interactive readings, fostering a love for stories and reading. Our sessions aren’t just about reading - we also channel our creativity into enjoyable arts and crafts activities inspired by the books we read. Additionally, we encourage young minds to unleash their imagination by guiding them into crafting their very own books.
In Disney and Me, I am incorporating lots of learning opportunities for our students. I am doing arts & crafts which work their fine motor skills, imaginations & independence in creating their own masterpiece. Some days we do puzzles, which can help their nervous systems and calm them while exercising their brains and fine motor skills. I occasionally incorporate healthy snacks which also teaches our students healthy and fun options to snack on. The joys of all of these subjects being mixed together is it is all Disney themed which the students really enjoy!
Cheer Club
We are looking forward to a fun filled year with your little cheerleaders! We have a lot of fun activities planned and hope to teach the girls a lot of important fundamental skills of the sport! We will be learning basic motions, cheers, dances, tumbling and stunting. We will also be incorporating fun craft activities!